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TopSpin fitness is a modern fitness facility equipped with world class gym apparatus that makes you want to hit the gym. At TopSpin fitness, we believe that every body type is different. To cater to the different needs of people from different walks of life, we aim to create personalised fitness programs unique to you & your goals. With a TopSpinFitness App on its way and some exciting offers lined up, we’re ready to revolutionise fitness for you!

TopSpin Fitness

Spin Smarter
And Push Harder
With TopSpin fitness

Embark on your fitness journey with TopSpin fitness, where you will find state-of-the-art gym equipment to help you achieve your fitness goals. From high-end cardio machines to a diverse selection of training gear, TopSpin fitness has everything you need to succeed. With exceptional offers and commitment to excellence, TopSpin fitness is the ideal destination to kickstart your fitness journey.

Spin Smarter And Push Harder With TopSpin fitness

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Our high level pricing plans offer hourly sessions and comprehensive packages to provide value and flexibility, making training accessible and effective for everyone.

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Self-Directed Workout

Independent exercise sessions without the guidance of a personal trainer or fitness coach.

Professional Training

On the way to become a professional? Get personal coaching by National Players and Coaches

Empower Your Fitness Journey With TopSpin fitness Trainers

Empower Your Fitness Journey With TopSpin fitness Trainers

TopSpin fitness trainers are expert fitness instructors who create personalized programs based on individual needs and goals. They provide guidance, support, and motivation to help you track your progress. At TopSpin fitness, we believe in catering to every body type with our professional trainers.

What Times
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Talk about discipline, and we’ll tell you how we are operational all seven days of the week. Here’s what our week looks like

What Times Are We Open?

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We have other amenities that we can explore. Flagship cafe boasting of healthy indulgence, A modern fitness facility with gym apparatus, Our in house active-wear and equipment store, A Virtual Reality Entertainment Centre.