Our Story

When you’re driven by the purpose to always strive to be better, excellence becomes a habit rather than a feat that is once achieved and then eventually abandoned.


This idea of making excellence a habit trickles down to every aspect of your life – be it the people you spend your time with, what you feed to your mind or how you treat your body.

In essence, excellence becomes a part of your lifestyle. It is this commitment to excellence that led Shonika Mundra, a young entrepreneur from Ahmedabad to curate the experience that is TopSpin.


Shonika Mundra

To put it simply, TopSpin is the start of a lifestyle movement to bring the best and the brightest of the city together, as part of one creative community.

If you look at it, Ahmedabad as a city seems to have everything – money, maestros and matter; but nothing quite like the ideal mix of everything at once. And TopSpin addresses just that.


With TopSpin we wish to offer the city, not just a club that it needs, but a club that it deserves.

So if you’re on the look out for a community that’s ready to challenge themselves, a group of friends you can endlessly chat over cups of coffee with or people who shall inspire you towards excellence for every single day of your life, TopSpin might just be the place for you.